Still made in the USA


Tucked away, near the base of the Appalachian Mountains in East Tennessee is the sleepy little town of Niota. Pass through the only stop light in town, and you’ll find Crescent… home of the oldest operating hosiery mill in the United States.

1902. Wow, has it really been that long? A lot was happening in the world. The Pepsi-Cola Company opened for business. Nabisco Animal Crackers and Crayola Crayons hit the shelves for the first time. And to the delight of homeowners everywhere, the gas-powered lawn mower was invented.

Meanwhile, in Niota, Tennessee, a group of businessmen met at the local train depot to discuss how to create jobs for their community. The group, led by James L. Burn, decided to open a hosiery mill. Inspired by the name of the Cincinnati-to-New Orleans train route that ran through the town, they named it Crescent.

Over a century later, the fourth generation Burn family members still have the same determination to create jobs within our local community. And that starts with a commitment to crafting the highest quality socks.

In the world of sock knitting, where big knitting corporations turn out millions of socks a week, Crescent has found a home making high quality socks that fit, feel, and function better than anything else out there. We’re small and that’s the way we like it. Small to us means focus. Small means higher quality. Small means we listen, develop, and knit only what our customers want, right here in the U.S.A.